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No Drill External Storage Box

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No Drill External Storage Box

Allen Lee, Los Altos, California
No Camper Drill External Storage Box
1988 Toyota Pickup
2001 Four Wheel Camper Eagle

No Drill Storage Box Before

Above: Before the toolbox was added

I wanted an easily accessible place to store my hiking boots, walking sticks, bear spray, and hats. Previously, I stored them under the bench seat, and it was a pain to remove items every time we went hiking.

I mounted an aluminum lockable truck box on the backside of the truck camper without creating any additional holes. The jack mounting location provided two of the four mounting points for the box. The other two mounting points were provided by mounting a plate on two of the attachment points of the furnace box.

No Drill Storage Box Brackets In Place

Above: The brackets being put in place

I put an L-bracket with a mounting point between the jack mount and the door handle. I drilled the corresponding four mounting holes in the truck box.

No Drill Storage Box Top Side View Of Top Bracket

No Drill Storage Box Side View 2

The truck box has worked out better than expected! Besides taking care of the original intended purpose, the box also doubles as a shelf when entering or exiting the camper, or just a general-purpose shelf when we are camping.

I purchased a Blackhorse Racing 20-inch aluminum truck toolbox from Amazon.

No Drill Blackhorse Racing 20 Inch Aluminum Truck Tooklbox Side View 1

The mod took me about four hours total. That included selecting the perfect lockable truck box. The mod would cost about $100 if you needed to purchase the materials outside of the truck storage box.

No Drill Blackhorse Racing 20 Inch Aluminum Truck Tooklbox Finished

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