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How to Load A Truck Camper Using a Broom and Dog Leash

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How to load a truck camper with a broom and a dog leash

Terry Fleming, Scottsdale, Arizona
How to Load A Truck Camper Using a Broom and Dog Leash
1999 Ford F-250
2019 Adventurer 80RB

I was unable to easily load our truck camper.

Dog Leash And Broom Loading Left

We load our 2019 Adventurer 80RB truck camper onto our 1999 F-250 long bed truck using two items; a Dollar Store kitchen broom, and a retracting dog leash.

The broom helps to center the camper while the dog leash ensures that the camper is correctly aligned, even on an uneven grade.  Plus, I can align the truck without getting out of the cab.

Here’s how it works:

After the tailgate is removed, a broom is placed in the center of the bed, extending a foot or so beyond the rear bumper.  On the camper there is a piece of blue painter’s tape which marks the center of the camper.

Loading Camper With Broom To Measure

I measure the distance from the painter’s tape to the edge of the camper (see photo).  The purpose for the measurement will become obvious shortly.

Using the broom handle as a guide, I center the truck with the tape.  The truck is now centered, but probably not aligned.  I am sure to raise the camper high enough that the truck bed will clear the camper.

Time for the dog leash!  On the front wall of the truck bed, next to the cab, on the passenger’s side, I have placed a magnet with a hook.  The magnet is incredibly strong and has not moved in two years.

On our truck, the magnet is 24-inches from the center of the front wall.  Use the measurement that you recorded earlier to position the magnet on your truck.  The height is not critical.  Place it somewhere midway.

Loading With Leash 24 Inches

Loop the end of the dog leash on the magnetic hook and the other end to the far end of the camper.  I just loop mine over the handrail (see photo below).

Dog Leash Loading Camper

The leash is a 26-feet in length for dogs up to 110-pounds and has plenty of spring.  The 26-foot length works fine with our camper and has never been an issue.

At this point, check that the broom handle is still pointed toward the painter’s tape.

If the line from the dog leash is parallel to the side of the camper, the truck is aligned, and you may slowly back up after checking that the height of the camper is correct.

If not, adjust the front of the truck so that the dog leash is parallel to the side of the camper and the broom is still pointing toward the painter’s tape.

Dog Leash And Broom Loading Left

Watch the corner where the dog leash contacts the camper.  If there is a gap, the front of the camper is too far to the right.  If the leash is bending around the edge, the front of the camper is too far to the left.

Dog Leash And Broom Loading Left

Once the truck is aligned and the broom is still pointing to the center of the camper (the painter’s tape), remove the broom and back up cautiously while maintaining the alignment with the dog leash which will automatically retract and remain taut as you back up.

The camper will be perfectly aligned and centered and doesn’t require anything more than a broom and a dog leash.  Perfect. Happy camping!

Loading Camper With Broom To Measure

The magnetic hooks were purchased on Amazon.  Search for 40-pound magnetic hooks.  The dog leash was $29.99 and the broom was $1 at the Dollar Store.

It took me less than an hour to complete this modification and cost me about $40.  In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is easy.

Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.

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