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Goal Zero Ups PowerMod Prizes

Goal Zero has upped the monthly PowerMod prize to the all-new Yeti 300. The Yeti 300 packs 297-watt hours of LiFePo4 lithium power, charges to 100 percent in 50 minutes, and is IPX4 water resistant. Enter our mod contest and pick up even more power.

Goal Zero Yeti 300 PowerMod Prize

Days before the first PowerMod winner is named, Goal Zero has upped the monthly prize from the Yeti 200X to the all-new, completely redesigned Yeti 300.

The sixth generation Goal Zero Yeti 300 is no small update. First, it’s based on a new LiFePo4 lithium battery chemistry that offers up to 600-watts of surge, is designed to last ten years (4,000 cycles), and operates safely at wider temperature extremes.

Goal Zero Yeti 300 Front And Back

Goal Zero also completely redesigned the casework with a protective mud flap and seals that give the Yeti 300 an IPX4 outdoor rating against mud, dirt, dust, and water.

Goal Zero Yeti 300 Features

The spec that jumped out at us is the ability of the Yeti 300 to charge from 0 to 100 percent in 50 minutes when plugged into AC power. That’s phenomenal.

The other feature that caught our attention is the Goal Zero companion app that allows you to monitor, control, and optimize the Yeti 300 (and its larger 500 and 700 model siblings).

Goal Zero Yeti 300 Specs

We have been using Goal Zero Yeti lithium power stations in our truck camper (and at home quite often) since they debuted in 2017. For a deep dive into how we use Goal Zero Yeti products on the road, check out our Goal Zero Lithium Power Station 5 Year Review.

Enter PowerMod To Win A Yeti 300

Goal Zero has sponsored this year’s truck camper mod contest and is giving away a Yeti 300 portable lithium power station to every monthly winner, and a complete Yeti Pro 4000 Escape System (3,993 Wh LiFePo4) as the Grand Prize.

Goal Zero Yeti 300 Plugged In

A truck camper modification is a physical change you’ve made to improve the stock design, appearance, or functionality of your truck camper.

A mod can be a simple cosmetic change like new fabric for the seat cushions, or a floor plan change like a re-arrangement of the camper dinette, or the addition of a new or better component or appliance, and anything in between. Interior and exterior truck camper mods count.

The best modifications are things you did to improve the aesthetics or function of the camper to suit your personal needs better. Did you alter your camper to make it work better for your truck camping lifestyle? Chances are you made a qualifying modification.

If you’ve modded your truck camper, click to enter the PowerMod contest today!


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