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Canadian Flag Patch

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Canadian Flag Patch

Grant Davidson, Milton, Ontario
Canadian Flag Patch
2005 Ford F-350
1965 Avion C10

Avion Camper On Truck

During the renovation of our 1965 Avion C10, we moved the range hood fan to a different location. After the move, we needed to patch the hole left behind. I figured if we had to add a patch, it might as well be something interesting.

I downloaded an accurate diagram of a Canadian flag to use as a pattern. For the white portion of the flag, I used a piece of anodized aluminum that had been part of the original exterior.

We stripped the anodizing and polished the camper because several panels needed to be replaced. The patch is in two pieces, a 15 inch by 7.5 inch polished section, and the 7.5 inch square of anodized aluminum that overlays it in the middle with a maple leaf cut out of it.

Canadian Flag On Avion

The hardest part was accurately cutting out the leaf. It was just a matter of careful and patient drilling and cutting with aviation shears and a hand nibbler. The patch is attached with buck rivets.

Canadian Flag Patch On Side Of Avion Camper

This mod doesn’t leak and looks good, so we’re happy. I didn’t have to buy any materials since I already had the scraps of aluminum and rivets. The cost would be less than $20 if you had to buy the materials.

Canadian Flag On Side Of Camper

It took me about four hours to complete this modification and cost about $20 depending on the size of the patch.

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