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Bathroom Hideout and Clothesline

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Bathroom Hideout Clothesline

Tim Reilly, Stuart, Florida
Bathroom Hideout and Clothesline
2017 Chevrolet Silverado
2020 Travel Lite

I wanted to have some privacy when stepping out of the shower or using the porta-potty. I remember going to a hotel and finding a temporary clothesline in the shower to hang wet bathing suits. I figured it would be the perfect solution for some privacy in my truck camper.

Bathroom Hideout Temporary Stainless Clothesline

I went online and found a stainless steel retractable clothesline. I attached the base to one of the lower microwave screws and the receiver on the other side of the wall. Although tedious because of the small screws involved, the idea works perfectly.

Bathroom Hideout Privacy

It provides some privacy for exiting the shower or using the porta-potty, and it also doubles as a clothesline for damp towels and clothing.

Bathroom Hideout Using Clothesline

There’s even a small mirror on it due to the shiny stainless steel face.

Bathroom Hideout Using A Temporary Clothesline

This idea has worked perfectly. The only item purchased was the temporary clothesline at $30 US. I found many manufacturers by just typing in ‘temporary clothesline’ on a search engine, but went with the one that was shiny stainless steel for the mirror idea. It took me two hours to complete this project.

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