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Bathroom Door Towel Rack

Welcome to the PowerMod truck camper mod contest, sponsored by Goal Zero. One mod will be published in every Email Alert in May. At the end of the month, a reader vote will determine a winner. Click for information about the 2024 PowerMod Contest, including how to enter.

Bathroom Door Towel Rack

Jeff Mcdonald, Mill Valley, California
Bathroom Door Towel Rack
2005 Ford F-350
2005 Bigfoot 10.4

We didn’t have a place to hang towels in our camper.

I built this mod on the fly. There were no drawings; just some rough dimensions. As a carpenter and fabricator, I decided what to do as I went along.

Towel Rack On Back Of Door

All the clear plastic is polycarbonate that I got at Tap Plastics. The horizontal clear tubing is also polycarbonate and has quarter-inch stainless tubing that I tapped to accept a fastener. I made a jig template for the vertical arms. I used oak hardwood that I can get anywhere.

Towel Rack Bathroom Door

We have used these bathroom door towel racks for years and it works well for us.

It took me three hours to complete this modification and didn’t cost me anything as I had everything already.

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