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Adding A Suburban Water Heater

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Adding A Suburban Water Heater

Russell Sherratt, Emmett, Idaho
Adding A Suburban Water Heater
2016 Ford F-250
2017 All Terrain Camper

Our camper build didn’t include hot water. However, the manufacturer was able to facilitate my installation by framing and plumbing the water and gas lines close to the heater. Fortunately for me, my wife wanted hot water. Don’t tell her it was the best idea she ever had.

Suburban Water Heater Installation 3

Suburban Water Heater Installation 6

I purchased a six-gallon Suburban water heater. Then, I cut open the side of the camper and made a platform for it to rest on.

Suburban Water Heater Installation 4

I plumbed the gas and water into the heater.  Without the builder framing for this mod, it would have been ten times more work.

Suburban Water Heater Installation 2

It has been an excellent mod for us and, other than a faulty circuit that took an extensive warranty effort, a welcome addition to our camper.

Suburban Water Heater Installation 5

Materials I needed were wood, the countertop, and a cabinet panel from the camper manufacturer, and maybe $70 inclusive of shipping. I also bought the red and blue pipe from Home Depot, fittings, clamps, and hand tools for $100. I already had the wire and fuse for the distribution block.

Suburban Water Heater Installation

It took me maybe 40 hours to complete this modification and cost me about $700 for everything. In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is hard to extremely hard.

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