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$30 Lithium Battery Winter Charging Solution

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Lithium Battery Winter Charging Solution

Bob P., Norwalk, Connecticut
$30 Lithium Battery Winter Charging Solution
2003 Ford F-250
2006 Northstar 8.5 Adventurer

I upgraded my 50Ah lead acid Group 24 battery to an 80Ah lithium LiFeP04. By design, this battery does not charge below 32 degrees.

I own a 2006 Northstar Adventurer 8.5 camper. Over the years, I’ve updated to LED lights, a water tank access port, a quieter water pump, a toilet water pump, a Dometic circuit board, and a Fridge Defend. I also switched my Group 24 lead acid house battery to Group 24 80 Ah Lithium LiFeP04 and upgraded my WFCO inverter charger to a lithium-capable WFCO WF-8735-AD. It was an easy swap; plug and play.

By design, the lithium battery does not charge below 32 degrees. In the winter, it’s cold here in Connecticut.

Lithium Battery Winter Charging Solution Camper

When on shore power, I use a simple solution. I wrapped the battery in a Burpee 15-watt seedling heating mat that was $10 (on sale) at Walmart. Then I added an inline $8 Feekoon Cold Weather Thermostatically Controlled Outlet. If I have shore power, the Burpee heating mat keeps the lithium batteries above freezing.

Lithium Battery Winter Charging Solution Outlet

I checked the simple setup at 20 degrees Fahrenheit and the battery has charged nicely.

It took me three minutes to complete this modification and cost me $30.

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