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I immediately contacted my local truck camper dealer, Holiday RV in Poncha Springs, and learned they were picking up the Cirrus line.  When Holiday RV got a Cirrus 800 in stock, I purchased it.

Molas Lake, Silverton, Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

Above: Gerald’s Cirrus 820 at Molas Lake, Million Dollar Highway, Silverton, Colorado

TCM: Glad we were able to reel you back in.  You now own a Cirrus 820.  What led you to upgrade to the newer Cirrus model?

Gerald: After I got the Cirrus 800, I contacted nuCamp and had several conversations with their design and marketing teams about what I liked and did not like about the Cirrus 800.  Specifically, the capacities were too small.  The camper needed larger holding tanks, dual batteries, and dual propane tanks.  The location of the Alde system was also an issue as it consumed nearly all of the lower kitchen storage space.

Fortunately, nuCamp was already working on the Cirrus 820, a new model that addressed most of my concerns.  When the Cirrus 820 was completed, I traded in the 800 for the much improved 820.

Camping in Pear Lake, Colorado

Above: Camping in Pear Lake, Colorado

Since I had been involved in the feedback for the 820, I arranged to purchase the very first 820 off the nuCamp production line.  As a special situation, I was able to pickup my camper at the nuCamp factory in Sugar Creek, Ohio.

NuCamp is one of the best run companies I have ever run across.  Their facility and product line is extensive, but their teamwork philosophy and culture is like a family run business.  The plant is clean and well organized.  You could literally have a picnic on the floor anywhere in the plant, as long as you didn’t interrupt production.

Lake in Nebraska camping

Above: Camping on a lake in Kearney, Nebraska

TCM: We were also impressed with nuCamp during our factory tour in 2016.  You have the unique perspective of having owned both the Cirrus 800 and 820.  What are your impressions of the 820 now that you’ve had it for a while?

Gerald: Your factory tour article was so thorough.  Even though I had been to the factory I learned things about Cirrus campers.  Anyone interested in a Cirrus should read it.

The list of things I like about the 820 is extensive; double pane insulated windows, front insulated window above the bed, larger holding tank sizes, two batteries, two propane tanks, one-piece no-maintenance seamless aluminum roof, rear aluminum porch and bumper, and the significantly improved interior storage throughout.

They kept everything I liked about the 800, and nailed everything on my wish list.  More importantly, the workmanship is the best I have seen in any RV.  This is backed by nuCamp’s top-notch customer service.  They really are dedicated to building the best truck camper in the marketplace.

Mohican State Park, Ohio

Above: The Cirrus 820 is for a short bed truck, Mohican State Park, Ohio

TCM: How about the size of the 820?  Has a short bed, hard side, non-slide truck camper been big enough for your needs?

Gerald: The size of the 820, even without a slide, is perfect for the two of us and our dog.  A slide-out would open up the floor space, but I prefer not having to worry about mechanical failures.

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