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From Hard Side to Pop Up – A Four Wheel Camper Experience

Wrapping the Week Up

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Truck Camper Magazine’s tagline is, “Go Anywhere.  Camp Anywhere.  Tow Anything.”  There is no doubt that the pop-up camper took us to a whole new level of Go Anywhere.  It has given us a whole different and broader view of truck camping.  I can definitely see us camping in a pop-up again in the near future.  We’re hooked.

After making it through the In-N-Out Burger drive through and the Tunnel Log at Sequoia National Park, we’re ready to take on off-road destinations like the trails around Ouray, Colorado and Vermillion Cliffs, Utah.  We may never want to go on a multi-month cross country trip in a pop-up camper, but we’re certainly ready for some multi-week off-road adventures in one.  And who knows what opportunities a longer experience in a pop-up would bring.  Maybe long distance travel in a pop-up camper is in our future.  Never say never.

With the help of the Four Wheel Camper team, we returned Grandby to his pedestal.  If you want to see him, stop by Woodland, California and visit him in the Four Wheel Camper showroom.  Thank you for the adventure Grandby.  You’ll always be our first pop-up camper.



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