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Adding a Four Liter Compressed Air Tank

Adding A Compressed Air Tank

Leigh of GrizzlyNbear reviews the many uses of a four-liter compressed air tank, especially for overland travel. The most important benefit is the ability to air up and down tires for changing terrain. As he states, his ARB air compressor is essential to his overland lifestyle with his Four Wheel Camper.

By adding an air compressor, Leigh explains (and shows) a number of additional capabilities including the ability to attach an air gun to blow out dust from the rig exterior and compartments, using air tools, and possibly reseating a tire without the need of a flammable gas and cigarette lighter. We would add blowing out your water lines for winterization to the list.

We know some of you would sooner leave the house without your pants than a portable air compressor.  Here on TCM we have a complete list of the portable air compressors favored by fellow truck campers.  Click here to view GrizzlyNBear’s YouTube Channel.


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