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2018 Phoenix Custom Campers
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Phoenix Custom Campers specializes in custom hard side or pop-up truck campers for just about any truck imaginable.  If you have an unusual truck, or a truck that’s not a standard candidate for a truck camper, Phoenix Custom Campers can help. The following truck campers are examples of custom pop-up truck campers Phoenix Custom Campers has built for their customers.  The sizes and weights of these custom campers vary from camper to camper depending on the options and custom features you select.  For pricing information and more information on Phoenix’s custom campers, visit their website at www.phoenixpopup.com.


Custom Camper 1: Pop-Up, Flatbed, Wet Bath

Phoenix flatbed Ford Camper exterior drivers side Phoenix-flatbed-Ford-Camper-dinette and lamp Phoenix-flatbed-Ford-Camper-cassette toilet and shower

This is perhaps the best example of the fearless attitude and ability Phoenix Custom Campers brings to the table.  The camper shown here had more firsts than any camper ever featured in TCM.  For more information about this custom camper, see the article, “Phoenix Builds Statement Camper“.

Custom Camper 2: Rikki Rockett’s Ford Raptor Rig

Phoenix-Custom-Raptor-Camper-inside Phoenix-Custom-Raptor-Camper Phoenix-Custom-Ford-Raptor-Camper

Rikki Rockett, the drummer from the band Poison, had Phoenix Custom Campers build a custom pop-up truck camper for his Ford F150 Raptor.  For more information about this custom camper, see the article, “Rikki Rockett and the Rockett Raptor“.

Custom Camper 3: The Phoenix Mini-Max

Phoenix Mini-Max front Phoenix Mini-Max interior dinette bath kitchen Mini-Max dinette interior

The Phoenix Mini-Max is a small camper with lots of amenities, including a full wet bath.  The Mini Max floor plan is adjustable to any pickup truck; mid-size to half-tons to one-tons.  For more information about this custom camper, see the article, “The Phoenix Mini Max“.

Custom Camper 4: Phoenix Hard Side Slide-In and Flatbed Campers

Phoenix flatbed hard side camper Phoenix flatbed hard side interior Hardside Phoenix camper

Phoenix Campers is truly a custom camper company.  Not only do they manufacture pop-up campers, but they have also built some hard side campers like the ones pictured above.  They are willing to accommodate all forms of truck campers from slide-in to flatbed to demountable chassis mounts.

Truck Camper Dry and Wet Weights

Truck camper base dry weights have been provided by the manufacturers.  Be aware that (a) each manufacturer has different standards and options that are included or excluded from their base dry weights, and (b) very few truck campers leave the factory without additional options.  Make sure to add the weight of additional options for your truck and camper matching calculations. 

The Truck Camper Magazine Buyers Guide uses a standardized equation to calculate truck camper wet weights. Starting with the manufacturers base dry weight, the equation adds the full fresh water weight, full hot water heater weight, full propane tank weight, battery weight, and 500 pounds for stuff.

Click here to read all Phoenix Camper articles in TCM.  All dry weights, specifications, capacities, and photographs were provided by Phoenix Custom Campers.  For more information on Palomino truck campers, click here.


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