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Your Highest Value Campsite Ever

I have a dear truck camping friend who regularly declares, “I’m not cheap. I’m frugal!”  Of course we all know better and groan every time he says this.  He’s cheap, and he knows it.

Let there absolutely no doubt that Angela, Harley and I are also cheap.  We love finding a deal whether it be cheaper fuel, cheaper groceries, or cheaper camping.

Think I’m kidding?  I assure you that a week doesn’t go by where Angela doesn’t have us drive a few extra miles for cheaper fuel she’s scoped out on GasBuddy.  Two cents cheaper per gallon?  We are there!

That doesn’t mean we cheap out on everything, we just don’t spend money unnecessarily.  We are cheap most of the time so we can spend when it really matters.  If there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity in front of us, we shut our eyes, hold our breath, dig deep, and pull out the big bucks.  Unless you’re a cat, you only live once!

Oh to heck with it.  If you’re cheap like us, it’s time to come out of the shadows – right now.  Get on your truck camper roof and tell the world, “I’m not frugal!  I’m cheap!   Take that you profligate spenders!  And I’ve got your truck campin’ cheap-a-tude right here.  What’s it to ya?”

Didn’t that feel good?  And not one person deviated from their efficient course to Walmart.

Given our cheap nature, Frank Poole’s article series on camping in Quartzsite really has us excited.  I don’t know if we’ll ever camp long-term at the “Q”, but we love knowing that there’s a place to camp warm all winter for $180.  Let’s just say that our life Plan B is now Plan Q.  Thank you, Frank!

For this week’s Question of the Week I want to know about your favorite cheap campsite.  To be clear, we’re not looking for overnight parking lot spaces at Walmart, Cabelas, or Cracker Barrel.  And no, we’re not looking for the “campsite” Uncle Vinnie set up for you at his house.

We’re looking for actual campsites in actual campgrounds; BLM campsites, private campsites, National Forest campsites, State Park campsites, etc.  What campground have you gone to and said, “Holy smokes!  This is a great deal!  I want to camp here again.”

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What’s the highest value (aka cheap or free) campsite that you would recommend to fellow truck campers?”

Of course the concept of value is in the wallet of the beholder.  A free campsite next to a mosquito-infested canal isn’t a good deal (that just happened to us).  In contrast, a great $75 waterfront campsite in the Florida Keys might be a bargain on a marshmallow stick.

You get the point.  High value + awesome campsite = what we’re looking for!

Please share by answering the question below.

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