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You Need To Sleep On This

One of the very first things Angela and I did when we took ownership of our 2004 Alpenlite 1100 truck camper was to chuck the original queen-size mattress.  To put it nicely, the mattress had seen much better days and had to go – immediately.

On our way home from picking up the camper, we slept on a deep pile of comforters.  There were other pressing priorities on the camper’s to-do list, and we had not yet decided which mattress to get.  Obviously this was not an ideal solution.

The next time we set out, we threw in a full-size futon from home.  We thought it had to be better than the pile of comforters and would get us by until the final mattress decision was made.  That was three and a half years ago.

Once covered with a quilted mattress topper, heated mattress pad, and fitted sheet, we were totally smitten.  Even our usually critical cat, Harley, has no complaints.  We revisited our mattress decision a few months ago, but found the cost of alternatives higher than our level of interest.  It may sound odd, but we love our futon.

Since we all spend a good portion of our truck camping time sleeping, the mattress we select is an important part of our truck camping experience.  Maybe you kept the original mattress that came with your camper, or perhaps you bought a new one that’s more to your liking.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What mattress do you have in your truck camper?”

If you have kept your factory mattress, tell us why.  If you changed the mattress from what the factory installed, tell us what you changed to.  We also want to know if you encountered any fit issues with the new mattress.  Was the length, height, and depth of the mattress compatible with your cabover dimensions and cabinetry?

This QOTW is closed.  Click here to read about the Best Mattresses for Campers.

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