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Winter Weather Camping on the Weekends

TCM reader, Fred Patterson, wants to know if you enjoy truck camping in cold weather.  He’s not talking about 50 degrees, but rather full-on winter cold.  Below freezing?  Fred goes truck camping.

Here is Fred’s full question:

“I’m interested in how many people enjoy truck camping for a weekend (or longer) during the winter.  I’m not talking about just the winter season, but winter weather when the temperatures are especially low.

I enjoy camping in my truck camper in the cold weather.  In fact, the colder the better.  That doesn’t mean I enjoy being cold.  I keep my truck camper nice and warm.  I just returned from a week in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York where I visited a summer camp, turned on power and DSL, and worked productively in my camper.  It felt like having a week vacation without using any vacation days.

My Question of the Week is, “Do you enjoy cold winter camping?”

If you do, I’d like to know how you make it work.  Do you plug into shore power or use propane and a generator?  How do you stay warm?  Of course you can also say, “No way, Fred”.  Cold weather camping certainly isn’t for everybody.”

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