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Which National Park Would You Live In Forever?

The United States National Park Service Centennial is being celebrated this month.  The Canadian National Parks are giving away free access in 2017 as part of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation.   Across the internet these events are being celebrated in the standard sub-standard press-release-and-pictures kind of way.  That’s not how we do things here.

As a truck camping community, we have significantly more experience with the US and Canadian National Park systems than most.  Many of us have visited dozens of National Parks, sometimes multiple times.  We may not be trained Park Rangers, but we know our National Parks and can do better than a whoop-de-doo write-up and a pretty picture.

To participate in the Centennial celebrations, we first we considered having everyone write in about their favorite National Park, but we’ve done that.

“Let’s have our readers choose which National Park they would live in for the rest of their lives!” I told Angela over dinner.  We have conversations like this often.

“That’s an interesting question.  I’d have to think about that,” she answered.  Perfect!

Okay folks, here’s the idea:

One month from today, you will be escorted to the National Park in the United States or Canada of your choice where you will have to live the remainder of your days.  You will have full privileges within the park within the confines of the law and park rules, but you cannot leave your selected National Park under any circumstances.

While serving out the rest of your life at the park, you’ll have your truck, camper, and an ample supply of what you need; food, clothing, propane, etc.  You can also have as many visitors as you please.  Pets can come too, but park rules about pets must be followed.

You can have hookups if you choose a National Park that provides hookups.  Internet and satellite television will be available if you have a cellular internet enabled device and/or satellite dish, and the park you choose is within cell and satellite range.   And you can bring anything you want as long as it fits inside of your truck, camper, and one towed item.

Fortunately, you have a couple days to think about which National Park you want to live in.  Then they’re coming to take you away, ha ha!  So what National Park will you choose to live in forever?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “If you had to live in one National Park for the rest of your life, what National Park would you live in?

Click here to see which national parks TCM readers would live in forever.


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