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What’s Hanging In Your Camper?

The walls in our Lancaster, Pennsylvania home were always quite barren.  Day to day we didn’t notice, but others would sometimes comment, “Why don’t you put some pictures up?”  Eventually we put up some photos from our travel adventures, past truck camper rigs, and family, but there were still bare walls to be found.

Our truck camper is much the same.  No pictures on the walls.  Nothing on the refrigerator.  Angela has a magnet that reads, “Life is better with a cat” on the metal range hood, but that’s really it other than a Northern Lite clock.  It’s not that we don’t like pictures on the wall, but we just don’t seem to get around to making it happen.

In contrast, we have seen some amazing wall art and photography in truck campers.  Some folks use their camper walls to hang items other than art – an idea we’re hoping to explore.  We have even spotted a few Truck Camper Magazine calendars up in various rigs.  That’s a great idea!

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What’s hanging in your truck camper?”

If you have pictures or art hanging in your truck camper, please share them.  If you have other items hanging in your truck camper, share what those items are, and why you hung them up in your camper.

We also want to know how you hung these items.  And, if at all possible, please send a picture of your truck camper’s interior with the hanging pictures and/or items.  Angela and I are looking for inspiration to make our truck camper a little more homey!

This QOTW is now closed.  Click here to see what fellow TCM readers hang in their campers.


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