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What Do You Store In Your Wheel Wells?

One of the unspoken rules of truck camping is never, ever watch a couple load or unload a truck camper.  I’ll use ourselves as a good example.

Once the jacks are down, Angela and I normally load or unload our truck and camper in five to ten minutes.  Five minutes if everything goes well.  Ten minutes (or longer) if the ground is not level, unexpectedly undulates, or we are just having a bad day.

If we’re having a bad day loading – look out!   There might be some course language and hard stares that can literally burn holes through living matter.  Anyone nearby risks learning unique uses for the English language and possibly getting burned in half.  It happens.

And that’s why you should never, ever watch another couple load or unload a truck camper.  I would sooner pull up a chair to watch a couple kissing on a park bench than stand and stare at two folks loading or unloading their rig.  You get the point.

Now, once a camper is unloaded, I’ll admit to glancing at another couple’s truck bed.  I don’t stare at folks unloading their campers, but looking at their truck beds afterwards is fair game.  Besides, I’m curious…

What – if anything – do they keep in their wheel well area?  Over the years we have kept water jugs and a laundry bag in the wheel wells.  That only works if we have a camper with wheel well access from the inside.  That’s a great use of an otherwise wasted space.

However, more and more truck campers are basement models and do not have access to the wheel well areas from the inside of the unit.  That means the wheel well area is completely wasted – unless the owner has devised a way to utilize this space.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How do you use your wheel well space while truck camping?

We are mostly interested in answers from folks with basement model campers with no wheel well access or folks without basements who creatively use that space.

Maybe you store a battery in your wheel well area.  Perhaps you keep camping supplies that you only need when unloaded.  Just be sure to tell us not only what you store there, but how you get to it when you need it.

This QOTW has now closed.  Click here to read, “Wheel Well and Truck Bed Storage Solutions“.

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