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What Do You Collect On the Road?

Our refrigerator at home has enough tourist magnets to potentially confuse the proper rotation of the Earth and possibly change the orbit of the moon.  Over the past 12 years of truck camping, Angela has managed to collect enough tourist magnets to cover nearly the entire refrigerator door.

Here’s the best part; she has arranged the magnets to approximate where the shown destinations are located.  Florida magnets are in the lower right corner.  Washington State magnets are in the upper left.  If we keep traveling, we might need need a bigger refrigerator.

While I may poke fun at Angela’s attraction to magnetic knickknacks, her collection pales in comparison to my vinyl record obsession.  It pains me to pass a Goodwill, Salvation Army, thrift store, or junk shop as I imagine the LP vinyl treasures they might contain.  Find me a good flea market and the rig just happens to turn in that direction.

Knowing as many truck camper owners as we do, we are well aware that we’re not the only ones hunting and gathering on the road.  We know truck campers who seek out everything from fancy yarns, to Disney Pins, to antique gauges, to Christmas ornaments.  Evidently, many of us are infected with collecting odds and ends as we travel.

The things you collect don’t have to be purchased.  Maybe you collect shells on the beach, or dirt and sand from the places you visit.  We know one truck camper who collects heart shaped rocks he finds while hiking and has them all over his house.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What do you collect while truck camping?”

This question of the week has now ended.  Click here to see what readers collect on the road.


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