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Water You Using?  H2O Filtration To Go

Walking around at truck camper rallies, we enjoy looking at how different truck camper owners set up camp.  Some simply pull-up, park, open their entry door, and they’re home.  Others pull-up, level the camper, put their jacks down for stability, roll out their awnings, put down outdoor carpeting, and decorate with a sign, Christmas lights, and pink flamingos.  Would you like a Dark and Stormy?

We fall into the first camp.  If our camper is level enough to be comfortable, we’re happy.  Unless we are going to be somewhere for a few days, we don’t even connect to full hookups when they’re available.  We like to keep things as simple as possible.

Getting back to the rallies, we have noticed more and more truck campers setting up camp with blue water filters on their water connections.  The most common of these are the Camco TastePure inline water filters.  We often see dozens of these oblong blue filters hanging from fresh water outlets at RV parks.

RV Water Filter By CamcoWe have also seen several truck campers over the years with built-in multi-canister water filtration units.  These are considerably more expensive, but the filters last longer and filter out significantly more than the single-filter Camco units.  The owners have sworn by them for their improved water taste and purity.

All of this strikes us as overkill – at least for us.  While traveling, we drink store-bought water.  The water in our fresh tank is for washing hands, dishes, showers, and flushing the toilet.  That’s it.  With this in mind, why do we need a water filter?

If I had to answer my own question it would be (a) to keep sediments and other contaminants out of our fresh water system, and (b) because maybe we could drink our camper’s water if we had a trustworthy water filtration system.  Ideally the cost of buying water could be saved by the implementation of a quality water filtration system.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you use an exterior or interior water filtration system with your truck camper?”  If you do, tell us about your water filtration system, why you chose it, and your experience so far.

This question of the week is now closed.  Click here to read about the water filtration systems TCM readers are using.

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