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The Truck Naked Cover Up

There are some words in the English language which, even at the age of 44, and as person who writes for a living, I still don’t properly pronounce.  One such word is tonneau, as in tonneau covers.

When I look at the word tonneau, I want to pronounce it “tuna”, as in Charlie Tuna.  To this day I’ll say to Angela, “Look, that truck has a tuna cover.”  Fortunately, she understands.  Poor girl.

In my defense, there seems to be two correct ways to pronounce the word tonneau; tuh-no, and tah-no.  Perhaps if Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong were alive today, and both were passionate readers of Truck Camper Magazine, one of their most famous duets would have gone a little something like this…

You say tuh-no and I say tah-no,
You say ree-coh, and I say rye-co,
Tuh-no, tah-no, ree-coh, rye-co,
Let’s call the whole thing off!

Of course the Ella and Louis song is actually about toe-may-toes and toe-mah-toes, but you get the idea.  And to be fair, the right way to pronounce Rieco-Titan is “rye-co titan”.

Now that that’s settled, we have a very serious question.

From previous Question of the Weeks, we know that many TCM readers unload their truck campers when they get home and use their trucks.  Some use their trucks as daily drivers.  Others use their trucks for hauling stuff around their property, or fetching materials from Home Depot, Lowes, or Fred Meyers.

Either way, you have unloaded your truck camper and presumably re-installed the tailgate.  Now, do you then have anything else that goes on or in your truck bed?  You know, like a tuna cover?  Or do you drive around with your truck bed au naturel – bare and exposed – aka truck naked.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you put a topper, shell, tonneau cover, or work cap in your truck bed when your camper is not loaded?  Or do you drive around truck naked?”

The QOTW is now closed.  Click here to see how readers pronounce tonneau and to see how they cover their truck when their camper is not loaded.


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