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Truck Camping After Dark

Most of the truck camper owners I know are outgoing and friendly people. If there’s no lightning, torrential rain, windswept blizzards, hail, or tornadoes, truck camper folks want to be in the great outdoors hiking, exploring, and/or talking to the people around them.

In direct contrast, the majority of Class A and fifth wheel owners we see tend to park their behemoths and stay inside. Some actually never come out – especially the Class A owners. The slides go out, the shades go down, and the television lights up. Good night.

In truth, sometimes we only get out of our truck to walk to the camper. We lock the truck, close the camper door, pull down the shades, and kick back. We would never do this when we’re camping with fellow truck campers, but – at a Walmart just off the highway for the night – you bet.

Angela and I both have hobbies and pastimes that we enjoy pursuing in the camper. Angela writes and posts pictures in her travel journal, writes and sends postcards to friends and family through PhotoCard, plays on her iPad, and watches movies.

As a music nut, I listen to music on a vacuum tube stereo system, search for new music on Tidal, look up my latest LP record finds, and endlessly read about music and stereo stuff online. I also enjoy watching television to unwind, and watching movies. Honestly, life in a camper after dark is great. We love being in our camper.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What do you enjoy doing in your camper after dark?”

Keep your minds out of the gutter. We know what people do after dark. That’s how we all got here. What we’re after are the G-rated hobbies and pastimes that you enjoy inside your truck camper at night. If the camper’s a rockin’, make sure it’s because you’re jammin’ to the Stones. Enough said.

Here are some thoughts to trigger ideas… Do you read books? Do you surf the net? Maybe you tie fly fishing flies. Perhaps you play the guitar. I know, you’re coding the next great app! Ham radio? Practicing your lock picking techniques? Building model rockets! Folding origami?Balloon animals? Working on a puzzle? Playing dominoes! Gourmet cooking. Knitting or crocheting? Writing in your blog. Writing a novel? What do you do in your camper after dark?Do tell.

This QOTW is now closed.  Click here to read the responses in “Nightlife In A Truck Camper“.


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