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Is That Truck Camper Rock? Well Turn It Up!

It’s no secret that I’m something of a music nut.  In my free time at home, I spend hours spinning vinyl LPs or 24 bit music files on an all-vacuum-tube stereo system.  For me, listening to great music on a audiophile stereo system is heaven on Earth.

My music addiction doesn’t go away when we hit the road – it comes with us!  In our truck camper I have a stereo system that keeps my musical soul happy no matter where the four winds take us.  It’s actually a home-style stereo system complete with two speakers, integrated amplifier, and a digital file player.  The system actually fits perfectly in the cabinetry over the dinette.  Just open the cabinet doors, and rock out.

TCM reader, Gary Usher, was clearly after my heart when he sent us the following question of the week suggestion.  I hear you Gary!

“Most RVs come with stereos that sound like grandpa’s 1965 Chrysler AM radio.  How would you upgrade or replace the stock stereo the manufacturers install?  I need good tunes on the road and at the campsite!” – Gary Usher

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Have you upgraded your truck camper stereo system, or done anything to enjoy music on the road?

If you have upgraded or modified your truck camper stereo, please tell us about your system.  And why not include a few of your favorite music artists?  Mozart or Metallica, Gary and I want to know.  Road music?  Yes, please!

Click here to read about the stereo systems readers have in their truck campers.


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