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Television Antenna Upgrade Recommendations

TCM reader and mod contest winner, Charlie Coushaine, sent in the following Question of the Week asking for recommendations on television antenna upgrades.

Here is Charlie’s full question:

“We want to upgrade our standard crank-up batwing-style antenna on our truck camper.  We’re looking for more range and HDTV quality.  We are not interested in a monthly satellite television fee.

Ideally, the installation would be simple for a Do-It-Yourself guy – like me – using the exiting wiring, and the existing hole in the roof.  I am open to keeping the crank-up arm, or changing it out for a fixed roof solution.

My Question of the Week is, “What television antenna upgrade do you recommend?”  I’m hoping to find out what antenna upgrade others recommend, and what their results have been.

Thank you in advance for your help!”

Click here to see what readers recommended for Charlie’s batwing antenna upgrade.


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