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Stay Hip With Portable Camping Tables

There are certain things you can’t do if you want to remain hip.  For example, you can’t be hip and drink out of a straw.  Straws may be exceptionally efficient drinking tools, but you’ll never see someone drinking out of a straw and think, “That dude is so hip!”  It just doesn’t happen.

Another thing you can’t do and remain hip is put your beer in one of those floppy fishnet buckets sewn to the sides of your typical camping chair.  Once a beer is placed in fishnets, it instantly loses its hipness.  Tragically, we have witnessed this exact situation at one too many truck camper rallies.

Fortunately, after considerable research, we have discovered a simple answer to the hip-killing fishnet bucket situation; portable camping tables!

Yes, portable camping tables preserve your hipness while providing additional utility for towering hot dog pyramids, warehouse club mustard kegs, Mega Stuf Oreos, and other chic and sophisticated items.  How hip is that?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What is your favorite portable camping table?”

Please be specific with the make and model of portable camping table you prefer.  Any deviation could put a fellow truck camper’s hipness in jeopardy.  Don’t let that happen.

Bonus Question: Since we’re talking about a very important subject already, we might as well ask you about your favorite beer.  Harley and I like Yuengling Lager, Stella Artois, and Sam Adams Porch Rocker.

This QOTW is now closed.  Click here to see recommended camping tables and favorite beers!


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