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Are you a Spear or a Boomerang Camper?

During a recent conversation with fellow truck camping friends, we realized that there are two types of truck campers; Spear Campers, and Boomerang Campers.

Spear Campers continuously throw themselves into new places, sometimes great distances away, as they seek to discover ever new destinations and experiences.  Spear Campers have an insatiable itch to see as much as possible and have little interest in driving (or walking) in their prior tracks.  Spear Campers go, and go, and go.

Boomerang Campers have discovered places they love, and return to these places again and again.  Where Spear Campers find amazing places and keep going, the Boomerang Campers find amazing places and then return over, and over, and over again.

In reality, most of us are probably something between a Spear and a Boomerang Camper, always seeking out new places, but returning to a few old favorites along the way.  But we’re not going to let you get way with some wishy-washy, neither here nor there answer.

Not this time…

This week’s Question of the Week has two parts.

First, you have to make decision: Are you more of a go-go-go Spear Camper or a return-return-return Boomerang Camper?  If you had to describe yourself as one or the other, which would you be?

Second, imagine that your only choice was to be a Boomerang Camper.  Every year you had to return to the same places over and over again.

Worse, you’re limited to three places all year.  That’s it.  You can stay as long as you want at these three destinations, but you can only visit three places all year.  What three places would you want to visit year, after year, after year?

The first question is just for fun.  We’re curious about whether more of us are Spear or Boomerang Campers.

The second question is our way of finding out some fantastic new places to go truck camping.  After all, if you would be willing to go back to a place again and again, it must be a great place!  As (mostly) Spear Campers ourselves, we’re always on the hunt.

Check out the destinations our readers boomerang back to and whether or not truck campers are predominately spear or boomerang campers.

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