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Second and Oversized Spare Tires To Go

Do you know where your truck’s spare tire is located?  Have you ever attempted to access that spare tire?  We haven’t.

The one time we had a flat tire on our truck camper rig – followed immediately by another flat tire – we were close enough to a Discount Tire to get help.  Yes, that was cheating.  And yes, we need to practice accessing our spare before we need it when we are somewhere more remote.

On a related but slightly different topic, where would you put a second spare if you were going to Alaska?  And what if your tires are oversized?  Now where are you putting your first and possibly second oversized spare?  These are critical questions for folks with oversized off-road and overland tires, or 19.5 wheels and tires.

Why am I asking all these tire questions?  Because Janet Schonberg asked us to.

“Where do truck camper folks mount a spare oversized tire?  We have solar panels on the roof and don’t want obscure the sun and haven’t found a good place to mount a spare tire.

Our truck is diesel and there are lights mounted on the bumper, so that’s a no go there.  The only other option we can think of is a rear hitch mount.  That’s an issue because then we can’t get in the camper.  Any thoughts?  Thank you!” – Janet Schoenberg

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Where do you either (a) mount your oversized spare or, (b) mount your second spare, or both? (c) Have you ever attempted to access that spare tire and what was that experience like?”

Please share your spare tire response below.

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