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The Most Awesome Standard Parking Space Ever

What’s eight to nine feet wide, sixteen to eighteen feet long, and totally awesome?

No, not a truck or camper.  But you’re close.

I’ll give you a hint; they’re almost always black and white, and free.

That’s right.  Standard parking spaces!

“And exactly how are standard parking spaces awesome?” you ask.

Well, look at what’s next to them.  The most amazing retail and food establishments from coast-to-coast have standard parking spaces.  Some even have free standard parking spaces right in front of them.  It’s insane!

Here’s the best part; truck camper rigs fit in these standard parking spaces.  It’s as if the stores, shops, and restaurants created standard parking spaces just for truck campers to visit.  Sure, cars fit too, but that can’t be what the business owners had in mind.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What’s the most awesome standard parking space you’ve ever parked your truck camper in?”

We’re talking about that unique antique boutique you just pulled into and discovered something incredible.  Or the off-the-beaten-path pasta place you parked at without a second thought and ate the best perogies in the prestigious history of perogies.  You get the idea.

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The Story of Peter, Mary, and Pookie Poo

Here’s a little side story to remind you of just how fortunate truck campers are to be able to park in standard parking spaces.  It’s the tear jerking story of Peter, Mary, and their poodle, Pookie Poo.

Peter, Mary, and their poodle Pookie Poo bought a forty foot motorhome.  Or was it a forty foot fifth wheel?  It honestly doesn’t matter because Peter couldn’t stop the bus when Mary saw a cute quilting store in downtown Spunky Puddle, Ohio.  Mary was mad.  But that wasn’t half as bad as when Peter has to pass a world famous fly fishing shop in Tarzan, Texas.  Peter was particularly perturbed.  The last straw was when Peter, Mary, and Pookie Poo had to roll by the pet store in Poughkeepsie, New York.  No Purina for Pookie Poo.  Poor poodle.

Tragic, isn’t it?  Always remember Peter, Mary, and Pookie Poo, and appreciate those standard parking spaces.

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