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Where to Put Foot Wear

Shoe storage can be a tricky problem in a truck camper rig.  Our first truck camper had wheel well access from inside the truck camper; perfect for shoes on one side, and water jugs on the other.  Since then, we usually assign shoe storage to one of the compartments under the dinette seating.

In our current camper, we store shoes in the dinette seating compartment closest to the door.  We just toss our shoes into a pile in that compartment.  It’s a mess, but it works.  Besides, our cat, Harley, will chew on our shoes if they’re not put away.  He’s weird like that.

Speaking of shoe storage in truck campers, Janet Manis sent in the following Question of the Week.  We are also interested in this question.  Maybe it’s time to find a better shoe storage solution.

Here is Janet’s full question:

“My Question of the Week is, Where and how do you store shoes in your truck camper?  I have managed to bring only four pairs of shoes; hiking shoes, flip-flops, water shoes, and dress shoes.  My husband brings boots, gym shoes, and more.  I need some better ideas on where to store shoes.”

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