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Reader Poll: Professionally Matched Truck and Camper Rigs?

Do you think the truck camper industry should offer professionally matched truck and camper rigs? Professionally matched rigs would be payload matched, already set-up with tie-downs and turnbuckles, and ready to go camping. Just load your gear, and go have fun. What say you?

When folks buy a motorhome, they don’t pick a truck chassis and RV body. They don’t pick between truck brands and configurations or calculate wet with options and cargo weights. Motorhome owners just choose a motorhome, sign the paperwork, and head out to adventure (or at least a campground).

Why can’t we do that with truck campers? Imagine going to a truck camper dealership and seeing brand new truck and camper rigs that were properly payload matched and ready to go. The tie-downs and turnbuckles were already installed, as are any aftermarket suspension products to level the rig. Just like a motorhome, everything has been designed and matched to optimally work together. Keys. Road. Fun.

I understand that the majority of Truck Camper Magazine’s readership already went through this process themselves and has a truck and camper set-up. You’re probably not ready to buy a truck and camper rig that somebody else put together, even if it was perfectly matched and balanced.

But what about newbies? What about folks who aren’t already truck campers? What about folks who are looking at a Class B motorhome right now, and look across the lot to see a matched truck and camper – with more space, more features, at a lower cost? Wouldn’t that make sense?

Angela and I wrestle with this question all the time. We love the idea and feel strongly that truck campers could be even more competitive if a good number of them were sold already matched to trucks. The question is, what do you think?

This week’s Poll and Question of the Week is, “Do you think the truck camper industry should offer payload matched truck and camper rigs on dealer lots?

Again these rigs would be perfectly payload matched, already set-up with tie-downs and turnbuckles, and ready to go camping. Also, we’re not asking if you would buy a pre-matched rig, but rather if you think it’s a good idea for the industry to do for new truck campers.

This poll is now closed.  To see how TCM readers feel about this subject, please read, “Game, Set, Match: The Need For Better Matching Advice.”


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