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POLL: You Had What Before Your Camper?

I have a good friend who says, in public, that he is not from around here.  Now this friend is not trying to say he’s from Cleveland, or across the pond.  If I understand him right, my friend believes he is not exactly human.  This friend has come to this starting conclusion based on what he perceives as acutely odd behavior on part of the human species.

While I can trace my origins to Earth, I certainly came to truck camping from outer space.  Other than a few childhood tenting and cabin camping experiences with Indian Guides and YMCA camp, I never went camping.  My grandparents once owned a now storied motorhome in the late 1970s, but I only have vague memories of it.  Nowhere else in my past is there any camping, or RVing.

When Angela and I bought our first truck camper in 2005, it was literally our first camping product of any kind.  Neither of us had owned so much as a pop-tent prior to purchasing a 2004 Lance 1030.  Like I said, we came from outer space.

Since starting the magazine, it’s been interesting to learn how other folks came to truck campers.  That’s why we almost always ask, “How did you get into truck camping?” at the beginning of every lifestyle story.  You can learn so much about someone based on what led them to purchase and use a truck camper.

Speaking of different, this week we’re holding a reader poll on what type of RV(s) you had before you bought your truck camper.  For us the answer would be none.  For you, maybe it’s all of the above.  What will be interesting is if there’s a readership trend.  There’s one way to find out.

Here are the results to this week’s poll.

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