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Plugging For More Plugs

Part of me would like to take my laptop, smartphone, television, and everything else connected the outside world and put it in the garbage disposal, on high, for twenty minutes.

While these devices and technologies have brought many wonderful experiences and opportunities, including this online magazine, they also bring a lot of constant noise into our lives.  Would we be happier, or at least less harried, without all these screens and silicon?  The older I get, the more I think the answer might be yes.

Stepping off my soap box, I have come to terms with the fact that we take a lot of electronics with us when we go truck camping.  Angela and I travel with laptops, smartphones, and camera equipment for the magazine.  All of these devices need their own special power cords, adapters, and outlets.  This isn’t so bad when we’re home with constant power and outlets out the ying-yang, but things often get trickier on the road.

The problem stems from the increasing demand of electronic devices we travel with, coupled with the fact that most truck campers still come with an insufficient number of outlets, outlet types, and outlet locations.  Some truck camper manufacturers are doing a good job, but too many are content to install a couple of AC outlets in awkward locations, and call it a day.  When I see this, I have one of my, “What were they thinking?” moments.

As a community, we need to let the truck camper manufacturing industry know what electronics we’re bringing with us, the type of outlets we need, and where they should be located.  The time when it was somehow acceptable to put two standard AC outlets on a truck camper are over.  Adding one 12-volt for the television isn’t enough either.  In 2014, we need more.

So here’s what I propose we do.  As a magazine we’re asking you, our wonderful loyal readers, to tell us what types of outlets you need to power your computers, smartphones, gadgets, and gear.  Then I’d like to know where you want those outlets located in the camper.

We’ll go first.

Angela and I would like two standard AC outlets in the overcab; one in each night table area for charging our phones, iPods, and tablets when we’re plugged in.  We would also like one or two standard AC outlets in the dinette area for our laptops.  Obviously the television needs a 12-volt, but we want at least one more 12-volt outlet for charging various items off an inverter when we’re not plugged in.  This 12-volt outlet should be in the dinette or kitchen area, preferably one in both locations would be great.  And while we’re at it, we would like a USB outlet for our phones in both of those locations as well.

Now it’s your turn.  This week’s Question of the Week is, “What devices do you need to plug in and charge when you go truck camping?”

Please include the type of outlets those devices need (AC outlet, 12-volt, or USB) and where you would like those outlets located in your truck camper.  With any luck, the industry will read our responses and keep their truck campers up with the times.

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