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The Particulars For the Right Binoculars

There you are.  You have driven from home to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  You can’t wait to see the bison.  Something about a big hairy animal in the wild is just thrilling, not that you admit this to anyone.

As you drive through the park, you notice a lot of cars have pulled over about 50 yards ahead.  The people are getting out and facing an open pasture where – yes – there are bison!  At long last, you’re in Yellowstone looking at bison.

At least you think they’re bison.  From this distance they’re more like brown blobs.  You would think they might have the decency to come over, especially since you’ve come all this way.  I mean don’t they know you want to stand dangerously close to them and take their picture for your many Facebook fans?  Don’t do that folks!

Then you notice the couple standing next to you with binoculars.

“That one has a baby!” she says with excitement.

“And that big one is pooping!” he says, with seemingly equal excitement.

Man you wish you could see the baby and the pooping bison.  But without binoculars, you’re left there squinting like Mr. Magoo.  Worse, your trusty smartphone’s ability to zoom makes you search for stronger words than pathetic.  Maybe pitiful, or woeful.  Yes, that’s it.  The zoom is woeful.

Two hours later, you fire up the MIFI cellular internet and hit the web.  On you search for binoculars, and are quickly overwhelmed.  Binoculars come in a staggering range of types, sizes, powers, and prices.  And there many brands and models to choose from.  Which one should you get?

What a great idea for a Question of the Week!  As it so happens, we don’t have a pair of binoculars and have been thinking about getting a set for our truck camper.  Thanks for the idea!

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you have a pair of binoculars in your truck camper?”

If you do, what make and model do you have, and why would you recommend that pair?  Please be specific about why you chose that particular binocular brand and power, and whether you opted for a rugged, waterproof, or stabilized design.

This Question of the Week has closed.  Click here to read, “The Best Binoculars for Birds, Bears, and Buffalo“.


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