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Outside Showers: All Wet or Worth It?

In the decade Angela and I have been truck camping, we have used an outside shower a total of one time. In that same period, we have winterized outside showers nine times. In light of the facts, we would gladly skip an outside shower on our next truck camper.

To be fair, the one time we used the outside shower, we really needed it. Angela had just completed a competitive mud run and was, as she was supposed to be, a muddy mess. To make matters more interesting, we had borrowed a brand new Ford F350 and a Lance truck camper for a review. There was no way she was going in the new truck or camper covered in mud.

In this highly unusual (for us) situation, Angela used the outside shower to remove the mud and toweled dry as clean as possible before entering the camper. That was the one and only time we have ever used an outside shower. That’s it.

On our current truck camper, we have talked about removing the outside shower, or at least permanently tying it off from the water supply. To prevent a possible leak, we will likely do this at some point in the future.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you use your outside shower?” If you do, tell us how much.  If you don’t, tell us if you would consider forgoing an outside shower in the future.

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