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Meg and Jed Wolfrom Attacked In Peru

Last October, we published an incredible story about Meg and Jed Wolfrom, a young Jackson, Wyoming couple who dreamed of exploring Central and South America by truck camper, and had the courage to make it happen.  


When we ran their article, Meg and Jed were six-months into their adventure and looking forward to completing a year on the road, or more.  Their travel blog,, has been updated every few days with their day-to-day experiences and often breath taking photography.  One particularly stunning photograph (see above) was a winner in the 2013 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest.

Last night we got the terrible word that Meg, Jed, and Jed’s visiting sister, Jenny, had been violently attacked in Peru just four days after Christmas.  

The event is detailed on their blog here; Nightmare In Peru

According to their blog, Meg, Jed, and Jenny are physically okay and recovering from their considerable injuries in Cuzco, Peru.  Unfortunately, their truck and camper rig has been severely damaged and their valuables stolen.

Our thoughts are with Meg, Jed, and Jenny and their families as they get through this horrific ordeal.

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