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Manufacturer’s Response: Northstar Liberty Review

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Rex Willett, President of R.C. Willett, Co. (Northstar Campers), sent in the following manufacturer’s response to the Northstar Liberty Review.

Northstar’s Response:

Thank you for the report on the Northstar Liberty. I wanted to pass along features not mentioned in the review that I think are really nice.

Northstar Liberty Response Underwing USB Lights

First, all Northstars have an exterior USB charging port under the wing on the passenger’s side.

All hard walls also have LED lights under each side wing. These are essentially exterior ambient lights and are much more pleasant than glaring LED Patio lights. The side wing LEDs also switch on and off right inside the door.

Northstar Liberty Response Light Switches

On all hard side models, the door lights can be turned on or off by a low switch just inside the entrance door. That switch is very handy so you never go into a dark camper or exit a dark camper. That really helps to see where you are stepping or even hitching up after dark.

I like reading the cons, some of which are very well noted. We have lengthened the hamper doors or made them longer by three inches – which was important to get done. We have looked at it again, and believe we can lengthen them an additional 3-inches more.

Northstar Liberty Response Grey Water Outlet

We have a garden hose fitting on our grey water waste tank. This makes it easy to carry a piece of older garden hose, hook it up, and let out your used grey water.

Northstar Liberty Response Cassette Cleaning

The exterior shower’s location allows you to easily fill your cassette toilet’s reservoir.

Northstar Liberty Response Bathroom

New for 2020, we have a new gel-foam mattress, a new fiberglass cabinet in the bathroom, and a new and improved two-burner glass top stove with Piezo ignition.

Northstar Liberty Response Stove Piezo Ignition

All Northstar hard wall campers are fit for AGM glass mat sealed batteries that do not require ventilation. We are trying to eliminate cold intrusion wherever we can.

Thanks again for the article in helping people understand Northstar truck campers. We are listening.

Rex Willett
President, R.C. Willett, Co.

For more information on Northstar Campers, visit their website at Click here to request a free Northstar Camper brochure.

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