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Manufacturer’s Response: Cirrus 720 Review

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However, the manufacturers are invited to submit a manufacturer’s response to be immediately published, without edit, the following publishing date.

Scott Hubble, CEO of nuCamp RV (Cirrus Campers), sent in the following manufacturer’s response to the 2020 Cirrus 720 Review.

nuCamp’s Response:

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to review the Cirrus 720.  It certainly was a challenge for us, but it was also a great deal of fun.  We are always eager to share our unique features, cabinetry advances and overall design with the masses.

In the 720, we wanted something cutting edge, flush with features, but light in weight. At the end of the day, we didn’t quite get the weight where we wanted it to be, but we were adamant that we would not sacrifice some of the hallmark features.

Much of what was noted in the review is tied directly to the “weight vs. feature struggle” referenced above.  I do want to point out that the unit reviewed was not the most current 720, so some of the questions brought up are no longer germane.  Moreover, we are very excited with the additional changes in store for the 2020 model.

With that said, let’s address some of the observations in the review:

Lower Kitchen Cabinetry: Drawers vs. Tubs

Cirrus 720 Kitchen Lower Cabinet Bins 1

The thought here was two-fold.  Of course, the primary being a weight reducer.  That said, Allen Miller, our Director of Research and Development, introduced an idea that is gaining popularity across Europe and even here in the states – totes.

The concept is that one can easily pack and unpack items in the totes and quickly load and unload many of the contents of the camper.  Allen will touch on this in his Triple-Dog Dare Challenge Report.  As we move forward, the totes are something that are under review.

Overhead Cabinetry: Shelving

Cirrus 720 Upper Cabinet Struts And CNC Cuts

Correctly pointed out, we did provide peg notching inside the overhead cabinetry.  An optional shelf kit is available, but it was originally left out to save on weight.  That is likely something you will see become a standard item in 2020.

Cabover Totes

Cirrus 720 Cabover Cubbies

Again, the totes make an appearance on either side of the bed – with weight savings being the driving force.  While building out full cabinets in this area adds significant weight, we do recognize it as something of a necessity.

Cirrus 720 Cubbies In Cabover

In fact, we shifted away from the totes earlier this year and employed a slider system (see two pictures above).  That effectively increased overall storage by about 50-percent on either side – not to mention allowing the user to store larger items.

Shower Plug

Cirrus 720 Wet Bath Shower Pan Plug

The plug comes with the drain we selected to employ in the 720, but we opted to leave it there with the idea of protecting the plumbing since it is exposed to foot traffic.

Water Tank Size

Weight savings has been a common theme, but it holds true throughout this camper and ultimately influenced the features and components.  The tanks were designed with weight in mind. It’s something we’ll revisit to see what kind of space we have to work with in the truncated basement.

Sump Pump

Cirrus 720 Sump Pump

We’ve tested this in-house and out in the field and it works like a charm.  Definitely unique, but more important than anything else, it is absolutely functional.

Note: While, the Coosa is evident on the access panel and flooring around the sump pump, the entire floor is not 100-percent Coosa.

The Showering Experience

Cirrus 720 Wet Bath Camper

Again, Allen will share more in his Triple-Dog Dare Challenge Report, but with respect to your 720 shower test request, come on back to Sugarcreek!

Access Doors: Batteries

Cirrus 720 Battery Access

We hear you loud and clear.  In fact, earlier this year, we incorporated exterior access to the batteries.  Check out the picture above.

Alde System

Cirrus 720 Forward Wall Access Panels Wide

The system can be accessed using the L-shaped topper/faceplate in the center of the dinette.  Access is key and any simple Alde task would be a breeze to address.

Cirrus 720 Dinette

Tinted Windows

Keep an eye out on all nuCamp products to introduce darker acrylic windows at some point in 2020.


You will see a different audio/video system in the 2020 units.  Something much more streamlined and pertinent for the ever-changing needs of today’s consumer.  With respect to the future of speakers, it’s something being actively discussed.

Center of Gravity Calculation

We start with the way center of gravity is defined.  First, we assume it is wet – meaning full LP, battery and full fresh tank.  Calculating dry COG just doesn’t have a great deal of functional reasoning.

Next, we set the camper on an apparatus and lift all four jacks a couple inches off the ground.  Once the center balance point comes into perspective, we measure from the exterior on the front wall to the point on which the camper is balanced.

I think that just about covers it!  Again, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write up this review and letting us submit a response.  We are stoked to see what lies ahead for the Cirrus in 2020!

Scott Hubble
CEO, nuCamp RV

For more information about Cirrus truck campers, visit their website at Click here to request a free Cirrus truck camper brochure.


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