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Your Suggestions For Used Purchases

After reading 6 Tips For Buying Used Campers and How To Inspect A Used Camper, is there anything you would add to our suggestions?  What would you do when inspecting a used truck camper that we missed?

As someone who has painstakingly reviewed dozens of truck campers over the years, it never ceases to amaze me how complex these products are.  The material choices, construction approaches, selected appliances, installed electrical and plumbing systems, and design sensibilities are all critical aspects of a finished truck camper.

Let’s add a few years to that truck camper and sell it.  Now we have a used truck camper.  The above complexities have endured father time, wear and tear in the field, and the ravages of the elements; sun, rain, and possibly freezing temperatures.

Without knowing exactly how that camper was treated and maintained, how do we properly evaluate the critical elements of that used camper prior to committing to a purchase?  The best answer is to go in with the strategies we outlined in the above mentioned articles, but what did we miss?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How would you inspect a used truck camper?”

Readers share some great used camper suggestions that are above and beyond our original two articles.  Check out 16 Best Used Camper Suggestions.


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