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Packing In People and Pets

This week’s Question of the Week was, “How many people, including pets, have camped overnight in your truck camper?”.

“With our pet, five!  Two adults, two children and, Sam our medium sized pound puppy.  We have plenty of room now, understanding that our truck camper is not a tag along or fifth wheel.  Our kids are a big ten and eight years old.” – Steve Horton

“Years ago, our tent was destroyed in a storm.  The couple in a truck camper parked down the way came to help and invited us into their camper for the rainy night.  The couple slept in their double bed over the cab with their two little dogs.  My spouse slept in the pickup cab with our standard Poodle.  I slept on the little couch/dinette with our two little dogs and my son and daughter slept on the floor of the camper.  Six people, five dogs!  It was pretty uncomfortable with strangers, but perhaps doable with a family.  We had to run a fan and keep the door open because of our vapor production!” – C.C. Vaugne, California

“Angela – We started out with four, two adults and two children, for two years (1970 to 1972) in an eight foot Eldorado.  In 1972 we added a third child.  We moved up to a 10.5 ft Forester along with a 1 ½ cab pick-up in 1974 with two adults and three children.  We stayed with this configuration until the oldest graduated in 1982.  Then we had two adults and two children.  In 1985, we were down to one child.  In 1989, we were down to my wife and I alone (lots of room). 

During the course of all of these years, we went on weekend trips up to three week trips with all five of us and one poodle.  It got tight when the weather was bad, but I wouldn’t (we wouldn’t) trade any of the times that we got to spend with our children. 

The main reason why we stayed with a pickup camper was we used our boat during the summers and our snowmobiles during the winters.  My wife and I still go out with our regular cab pickup and we are back to an eight foot camper.  We are now retired and take two to four week vacations to visit our retired friends all over the nation.  We love our life.” – Robert A. Grueschow

“In the summer of 2011, my wife and I spent a whole month (thirty days total) traveling Colorado and Utah with our eighteen year old son, his school mate, and our two full sized dogs.  We drove to Colorado from Arkansas (where we live) and picked up the boys from the airport (they live in Hawaii).  We traveled throughout Colorado and Utah for college football camps.  So, in addition to four large adults and two large dogs, we had two huge (often stinky) bags of football equipment on the roof.  My wife and I and our two dogs are plenty, and our Kama-Loli (snail in hawaiian) handled all of us just fine.” – Mike Fleming

“Angela – It’s just my wife and I.  We have friends with a fifth wheel that we camp with often, so their camper is our dining hall.  We have a cat named Catfish who will sometimes tag along with us.  Enjoy the ride.” – Joseph

“When traveling to or from northern Pennsylvania (where we camp most of the summer) we always stop at Promised Land State Park.  This park is only about 130 miles from Connecticut, an easy drive for my son Karl and his family; Karen, Victoria, and Benjamin.  They enjoy coming to the Poconos to experience the clean fresh air and the beautiful forests and lakes. 

We have an Okanagan 117 double slide truck camper with a sofa that makes into bed, a bunk over the sofa, and a dinette that converts to sleeping space.  Usually my grandson, Benjamin, sleeps in the bunk, Karl and Karen on the converted sofa, and granddaughter, Victoria on the dinette space. 

Kay and I, of course, sleep on the queen-sized ultra-comfortable Tempurpedic cabover bed.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem that crowded with six people in the truck camper, but two are children (and usually playing electronic games).  We have hosted six adults for snacks and a movie in the past.  The width provided by the full basement design and two slides really adds to the floor space. 

Kay and I spent nearly three winter months in Arizona at Quartzsite and Imperial Dam BLM areas.  So far this year, we have spent 197 days camping in our truck camper.” – Carl and Kay Goode

“How about two adults and four large dogs?  And when I say large, we’re talking two German Shepherds and two Labrador Retrievers, each weighing over 60-80 pounds.”  – Jeff Jost

“Usually it’s just me and two bunnies but at last years Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally a rather large thunderstorm came thru on Saturday night and we ended up with two adults and five bunnies.  The camper was pretty packed as the bunnies had to be kept separate to prevent any fights breaking out.” – Rich, Miss Ivy, and Mr. Pepper

“Hi Angela – How many people does my camper sleep is a frequent question that I’m asked.  My standard answer is that my camper sleeps one, occasionally a friendly two.” – Joei at


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