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How Do You Keep Your Camper Cool?

Last week we asked, “How do you heat your truck camper?”.  With Summer fast approaching, this week we want to know how you keep your truck camper cool.  And no, your black leather Fonzie camper awning doesn’t count.

Tell us what appliances and strategies help you stay cool.  Do you use a built-in air conditioner, or head for the mountains?  Do you turn on a Fantastic Fan, or drive north to cooler regions?

Maybe you use a 12-volt fan, open the windows, park in the shade, or let the summer warmth soak in.  Maybe you have an alternative cooling device like a swamp cooler.

Cold beer could also be part of an acceptable answer.  As Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli would say, “Exactamundo!”

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How do you keep your truck camper cool in hot weather?”.

Here are the responses to how readers keep their campers cool.

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