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How Do You Heat Your Truck Camper?

It’s April.  For many of us, the Spring truck camping season is just beginning.

Gordon and I have been in Texas for the past two weeks with gorgeous seventy-five degree days, and cold forty-five degree nights.  In the evening, if we’re plugged-in, we use a heated mattress pad to get the mattress toasty warm.  Then, to take the chill off in the morning, we run the furnace for a a few minutes.

By the time it’s mid-day, the windows are open and we’re running the Fantastic Fan to cool off.  That’s Texas in April for you, plus or minus the occasional thunderstorm, with possible hail, and put-the-jacks-down wind gusts.  Everything is bigger in Texas.

We have been wondering, during these brisk mornings and cold nights, how fellow truck campers stay warm in their rigs.  Do you have a catalytic heater, a heat strip in your air conditioner unit, or a heated mattress pad or blanket?  Do you strictly use the camper’s furnace, and wear more layers?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What devices do you use to keep your truck camper warm in cold weather?”  Please include if your heating devices require AC or DC power, and what fuel they use.

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