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Calling all mod makers: It’s time to submit your truck camper mods for the 2017 Mod Super Cup Series – the premier truck camper mod competition in the world!  Here’s what we need…

After years of studying hundreds truck camper mod makers in the wild, we have classified these remarkable individuals into two categories: folks who enter the mod contest (aka modus-awesomeus), and those who do not (aka modus-what-the-heckus).

For all the modus-awesomeus reading this, we need you to submit more mods for the 2017 Super Mod Cup Series.  The monthly mod contest has already begun and the stakes are higher than ever.  Please click on the link below and send us your mods.  Thank you modus-awesomeus!

For the modus-what-the-heckus among us, what the heck is it going to take to get you to submit a mod?  All you have to do is send in a short write up and a few photographs of your mod.  It’s so easy, a truck camper can do it!

If you can mod your camper, surely you can handle a few words and pictures.  Even if all you did was add a drawer or shelf, we want to hear from you.  After all, there are Mini Mods, Medium Mods, and Mega Mods.  Your mods will fit one of these categories.

Did we mention that there’s some pretty incredible prizes this year including one-of-a-kind TCM Mod Team jerseys with your name, a TCM Mod Maker Trophy, and a $250 gift certificate to Lowes or Home Depot (or the big box hardware store of your choosing)?  What more could you want?

Here’s all you need to do: (1) click the link below, (2) complete the form, and (3) email us a few photos of your mod.  How hard is that?  You too can be modus-awesomeus.

Thank you to everyone who enters the mod contest.  Mod makers rock!


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