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Full-Size Tools For the Road?

For rallies, campgrounds, and event gatherings, there’s nothing like camping side-by-side with fellow truck campers – at least for a few days.  Like most truck campers, we also prize our time away from humans.  We’re funny like that.

During these times it never ceases to amaze us what some truck camper folks bring with them – especially in their outside compartments.  We have literally seen truck campers who carry full-size chainsaws, hatchets, axes, electric drills, rubber mallets, vices, various saws, shovels, and even sledge hammers.

We first noticed this phenomenon around campfires.  Someone would bring a log that was too big for the fire and out would come the full-size hatchets and saws.  As the evening would come to a close, a full-size shovel would emerge to distribute and bury the ashes (after dousing the fire with water).

When our sway bar had an issue at an East Coast rally about five years ago, guys were bringing over power tools and mallets out of their truck campers for the repair.  I remember thinking, “Here I am telling everyone to properly match their truck and camper, and they practically pack a Home Depot for the road!”

Of course it was great to have those full-size tools in that moment.  And there have been other times when having a full-size axe or saw would have quick work of something that took us an hour, or more.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you bring any full-size tools with you when you go truck camping?

To be clear, we’re specifically talking about full-size tools like chainsaws, hatchets, axes, rubber mallets, vices, saws, and sledge hammers.  We’re not interested in your tool box and screwdrivers.  We want to know about that DeWalt electric drill or full-size shovel you carry.

If you carry full-size tools when truck camping, tell us what you bring and why.  We would especially enjoy hearing stories about times when having the full-size tools was important during a truck camping adventure.

This QOTW is closed.  Click here to read about full-size tools for the road.


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