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Favorite Canadian Truck Camping Routes and Destinations

About 10.5% of our readership is Canadian.  Another 83.3% is from the United States.  The rest comes from 206 other countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Mexico.  It’s incredible to us that people half-way around the world subscribe to, and read Truck Camper Magazine.  To the .22% of our readers in Japan, Kon’nichiwa!

This week we have two fantastic articles about truck camping in Canada.  These articles have inspired us to put many new places on our Canada-by-truck-camper bucket list.  They also made us wonder what other opportunities await us north of the border.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What are your favorite Canadian truck camping routes and destinations?”  Please include location information like provinces, towns, parks, campgrounds, and road names.

Click here to see the responses about favorite Canadian truck camping routes and destinations.

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