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Experienced Alaska Advice Wanted

I have a list of favorite questions that I ask in specific moments.  For example, at a new-to-me restaurant, I’ll ask the waiters or waitress what their favorite menu items is, and what other patrons order again and again.  I’ve had many a fine lunch and dinner using that question.

Another favorite question of mine is the time machine question.  If I meet someone who has done something I want to do, I’ll ask, “If you went back in time, what would you tell yourself to do differently about – whatever we’re taking about?”.  That also has yielded some excellent information and advice.

Which brings us to Mike and Paula Bostic’s Question of the Week.  Like my time machine question, they want to advice from folks who have been to Alaska in a truck camper.  Guess where they’re going this year?

Here’s Mike and Paula’s question:

“For those who have been to Alaska, what places would you skip, and which would you make sure you saw again?  Where would you spend additional time?  Obviously, we want to take our truck camper to Alaska and want to know this valuable information.  Thank you!”

If you’ve been to Alaska in a truck camper, please fill out the form below to give Mike and Paula Bostic – and the entire Truck Camper Magazine readership – some Alaska planning advice.

Click here to read the responses to this Question of the Week about  Alaska recommendations.


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