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Do You Ever Go Truck Camping By Yourself?

Today’s article, “Full-Time Truck Camping With Wonder Woman” was about Maggie Karam, a full-time solo traveler.  Over the years we’ve met fellow truck campers who travel by themselves and we’ve met married couples where one will go out for weekends or longer on their own.

Some married couples don’t retire at the same time.  Sometimes one spouse is older, or gets a retirement package they can’t refuse, or just decides the moment is right to finally exit their career.  There are a myriad of reasons why one spouse might retire before the other.

And not everyone has a spouse when they retire.  Only two things in life are guaranteed, and reaching retirement with a committed and/or healthy spouse is certainly not one of them.  Heck, some people want to be single and alone during their golden years.

Whatever the reasons may be, the option to go truck camping alone is on the table.  Don’t want to wait until your husband finally quits his 9-to-5?  Hit the road alone!  Can’t stand another dark and cold winter when warm Florida, Texas, and Arizona beacon?  Roll south and solo!  There’s no law saying you can’t go truck camping by yourself.  A stag truck camping tour?  Why not?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you ever go truck camping by yourself?”

Maybe you always go truck camping by yourself.  Perhaps you go truck camping alone when your significant other can’t get vacation.  Or could it be that you still want to travel, but your honey does not?  What ever the reason, tell us why you go camping alone, and what you think of the experience.

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