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Does Your Truck Camper Sit or Stand?

Our truck camper isn’t exactly a spring chicken.  By our count, it just celebrated its 11th birthday.  In truck camper years, that’s about 99 years old.  Yes, every year for a truck camper is the equivalent of nine human years.  We just figured that out with exhaustive algorithmic research, and a healthy dollop of ridiculous conjecture.

Since our camper is fast approaching 100 in truck camper years, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the condition of our camper to help it last longer.  Angela and I have extensive conversations about the shape our camper is in (which is mostly excellent), and what we can do to make it more robust.  If at all possible, we want to be using our camper for another five human years, if not more.  So how do we keep our camper going to 144?

One idea that’s been kicked around TCM HQ is better supporting the camper when it’s not loaded on the truck.  In other words, unloading the camper and putting saw horses or some other support under the camper.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How do you leave your camper when you’re not using it?”

Specifically, we want to know if you (a) leave your camper on the truck without the jacks down, (b) leave your camper on the truck with the jacks down, (c) unload your camper without underbelly support, or (d) unload your camper with underbelly support.

If you do use a support under your truck camper, please include what you use.  Maybe you use store bought saw horses, or you made a camper dolly.  We are looking forward to learning about how you leave your camper.

Here are readers’ responses to whether or not their truck camper stays on the truck or not when parked for long periods of time.

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