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Does Your Truck and Camper Have a Name?

As part of their custom truck camper design service, Phoenix Custom Campers asks its customers to name their campers.  In articles with Phoenix Custom Campers owners, we have debuted the Livingstone, Elvis Wong, Rockett Raptor, Plan B, Keil Hauler, and many others.  Where these camper names come from, and what they mean, is entirely up to the customer, and their imaginations.

We haven’t named our camper yet, but we are considering Annie, as in Little Orphan Annie.  She is, after all, from a manufacturer that is no longer.  The name Annie was an idea from the fertile mind of John Wells, who named his camper Yertle (the turtle).  The question is, if we named our camper Annie, does that make our truck Oliver, as in “Daddy” Warbucks?  Annie and Oliver?  I think that works.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Does your truck and/or camper have a name?”

Please tell us what the name or names are, and why you named your truck and/or camper those names.  If you have a picture of your rig to go with the names, even better!

Click here to see fellow TCM reader responses.

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