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Do You Truck Camp Beyond Cell Service?

Are you the type of truck camper who goes beyond the reach of cell service and civilization?  If you do, we want to know where you go, how you prepare, and what exactly draws you to these remote locations.  Hello?  Hello?  You’re breaking up…

Do you camp beyond cell service

One way we usually know we’re really out there is when we don’t have cell service.  That wasn’t difficult to achieve when we started the magazine 15-years ago, but it’s a definite sign today.

Yes, there are spots within civilization’s grasp where cell service from this provider or that drops out, but that’s not what we’re talking about.  We’re talkin’ deep country, distant wilderness, or down in the middle of nowhere cellular silence; like might as well turn your smartphone off unless you’re taking a TCM calendar photo.  You get the point.

We normally avoid these areas for two reasons.  First, we need a cell signal to work and publish the fine electrons before you.  And two, we’re not the most experienced at vehicle recovery, nor do we have a rig set-up for anything approaching extreme off-road performance.  Oh, and there’s that latent fear of falling prey to a pack of hungry coyotes, a rogue grizzly, or a curiously organized gang of prairie dogs; sneaky little critters they are.

Before I lose you again, we’re looking to hear from fellow truck campers who purposefully go where you might as well leave your iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, or Jitterbug behind.

But we’re also hoping you brought it, or an actual camera (remember those) to take pictures of the remote locations you’ve explored.  Show us where the smartphones don’t send, receive, text, or FaceTime, and tell us what called you there; over and out.

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