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Cell Phones and Service On the Road

At this point, Angela and I have been truck camping for over a decade.  In that time, our personal cell phone technology has evolved from simple flip phones to smart phones.

For anyone who’s made this transition, you know it’s is a bit like trading in a skateboard for a jet fighter.  That only becomes more true as smart phones get smarter.  Soon they’ll be intelligent enough to listen to our verbal commands and respond with answers from the internet.  Oh wait…

Before our adventures in truck camping, we were Verizon Wireless customers.  Between the two of us, we started with just one cell phone strictly for when we were out of the house.  At home we had an old-school land line.  You know, phone wires, phone jacks, and actual telephones?  Forgive the flashback.

Today all of that is gone.  About five years ago we switched to a Voice-Over-Internet (VOIP) system through Comcast.  While the Comcast VOIP service still used the phone lines in the house, it used digital internet technology to give us a reduced monthly rate, and virtually free long distance.

Unfortunately, Comcast increased their triple-play prices (home phone, cable television, and internet) over the years to nearly $200 a month.  If we were home all the time this might have been somewhat tolerable, but we are somewhere else at least half the year.

Last December we dropped Comcast.  No more Comcast VOIP telephone, cable television, or cable internet.  We moved our house line to a Verizon cell phone (iPhone 6).  I love the iPhone 6 – perhaps too much – and Verizon service has been incredible, coast-to-coast.

Cord cutting aside, for this week’s Question of the Week we want to know what cell phone carrier you use, and how well this service works while you travel.  In a future Question of the Week we will be asking about cellular internet, but this week we are focusing on cell phone service.

Do you use Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless. AT&T, or another carrier?  And what do you think of the quality of their service?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What cell service do you use on the road?”

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